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Female foot in a gray sneaker and a bicycle on the beach

Clean air is easy to take for granted. But in neighborhoods close to highways and industry, polluted air is already taking its toll.

Steady growth means more cars are taking to our roads. To tackle climate change, we need to rethink transportation.

   10 car-free commutes
÷ 30 days
   222,000 tons of carbon saved

If Every1 in Washington took 10 fewer car commutes every month, we’d save 222,000 tons of carbon from the air.

That’s equivalent to taking nearly 48,000 cars off the road for one year!

Commit + Share

Commit to climate action, and take 10 car-free commutes over 30 days.

Together, we can make a tremendous difference. So let’s bring #EVERY1 on board! Share your commitment and challenge friends in your network.

What We're Doing

Nature is an ally to clean our cities

Nature can help us tackle urban environmental challenges, including climate change impacts. Stormwater management and urban trees reduce pollution and provide climate resiliency. By using natural features such as native plants to filter our region’s increasing rains, we are capturing harmful pollutants...