challenge 4


Washing machine filled with colorful laundry.

Hot water is a top contributor to your home’s energy use. Your laundry room is a common culprit: Washing clothes in hot water uses five times more energy than in cold water!

Your challenge: Over one month, run every laundry load in the cold-water cycle.

   1 cold–water wash
× 30 days
   205,966 tons of carbon

If Every1 in Washington washed clothes in cold water, we’d reduce energy use by 14,615,605 kilowatt hours in 30 days.

That’s equivalent to almost 282,000 young trees filtering our air for 10 years!

Commit + Share

Commit to climate action, and wash every laundry load in cold water for 30 days.

Together, we can make a tremendous difference. So let’s bring #EVERY1 on board! Share your commitment and challenge friends in your network.

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