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Showerhead with greenery in background.

As temperatures rise, so do risks for water. Hotter, drier summers and warmer winters will shrink our supply—impacting forests, fish, people and farms.

Conserving water today jumpstarts new habits that help ensure water security in years to come.

   5 minutes
× 30 days
   2,775,000 gallons of water

If Every1 in Washington shortened their shower by 5 minutes for 30 days, we’d save nearly 3 trillion gallons of water!

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Commit to climate action, and try shorter showers for 30 days.

Together, we can make a tremendous difference. So let’s bring #EVERY1 on board! Share your commitment and challenge friends in your network.

What We're Doing

With climate change, water access becomes unpredictable

Climate change in Washington will intensify precipitation in the rainy seasons and drought during our drier months, making climatic events more extreme and more unpredictable. Floods and droughts will break “records” more frequently and more dramatically. With this increased rain, flooding risk...